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News from CaSfA's Director


Cancer Survivorship: Sexual Health and the Pelvic Floor

Posted on June 8, 2017 at 3:20 PM
CaSfA members learned a lot of useful information at "Cancer Survivorship: Sexual Health and the Pelvic Floor", a presentation by Stacey Berger, PT. Stacey specializes in women’s health, men’s health, pelvic pain, pelvic floor rehabilitation, continence control, and musculoskeletal conditions.  She is STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) Certified in Oncology Rehab.

Here are some take home pelvic health tips:
  • Drink plenty of water for healthy bladder and improved bowel function
  • Avoid straining with bowel movements:manage constipation and use good toileting posture
  • Avoid irritants to vulvar and vaginal area: careful of soaps, detergents with fragrances or dyes. Use cotton crotch underwear as nylon can be irritating.  Avoid using perfumes, shampoos, or talcum powder to vulvar area.
  • Limit bladder irritants in your diet (reduces urinary urgency, urinary frequency, overnight excessive voiding) such as citrus fruits and juices, spicy food, tomato products, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, sugar and artificial sweeteners.
  • Breathe from your diaphragm muscle; avoid breath-holding with activity.  You can functional brace by pulling in your navel to spine and pulling in your pelvic floor muscles (Kegel) with activity to support your core/protect your back and reduce increased pressure on your pelvic organs.
  • If having pain, burning, tissue rawness or irritation of vulva/vagina or urinary leakage, consult your doctor or see a pelvic floor physical therapist.

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