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July 2013

One Good Thing

I was recently speaking to a mother of young children.  I told her although I remembered those days when I couldn’t wait for bedtime; I wished I had savored every minute when my children were young.  She astutely replied that it is impossible to savor every moment, especially the moments that may be more challenging.  Instead, she ends each day thinking of at least one good thing that occurred.  I thought this was a great practice for survivors.  We face so many challenges—feeling poorly physically, emotionally and psychologically—both through treatment and beyond.  Personally, I felt betrayed by my body, angry by the medical conditions, years of pain, and cancer it has brought me.  It has also been a struggle to become comfortable with the physical changes that my body has undergone since my mastectomies and reconstruction. Now I try to remind myself EVERY DAY OF AT LEAST ONE GOOD THING—it might be a physical attribute, an accomplishment or something that happened!  It can be anything—no matter how small.   It really has helped me see the best in every day.  Try it for yourselves…Here’s to an ever-growing list of good things!!  
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