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November 2013

What To Do After Treatment Ends

I attended Pink Revolution’s health and wellness lecture on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 titled “My Treatment is Over, Now What?” by Dr. Ellen Sharenow, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UMass Memorial Medical School and Lynn Gerrits, MA, RMT, Manager of the Simonds‐Hurd Complementary Care Center of HealthAlliance Hospital in Fitchburg.
There are many reasons why the end of treatment is a difficult time for survivors. Others expect you to be "done" or have cancer "behind you".

Super foods

I was talking with a friend recently about "super foods".  The Center for Science in the Public Interest puts out an annual calendar of super foods.  Here is their list for 2014:
1.     Carrots:  Contain good amount of lutein, Vitamin K and fiber.  Great source of          beta-carotene.
2.     Kale:  also spinach and collards are great sources of Vitamin K-helps blood clot. (Note:  will interfere with blood thinner Coumadin-check with your doctor if taking).
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