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News from CaSfA's Director

January 2014

CaSfA--A Unique Support Group

I recently spoke with a new CaSfA member.  She commented on how different our gatherings are compared to another support group she attends.  She pictured our group like AA; people sit in a circle and share,  “my name is—, I’m a cancer survivor, and it’s been—since my last treatment”!  Our meetings are nothing like this!!!  

Our lunches are relaxed get-togethers where we talk of things going on in our lives and the world—sometimes the topic of cancer doesn’t even come up.  But if a member does have a concern or question, lunches are the perfect opportunity to get input from people who know what it’s like to go through this experience.  Our evening meetings are also relaxed, but focus on a topic pertinent to cancer survivors.  I try to schedule presentations and workshops that are germane to survivors at all stages—from the moment of diagnosis to those out of treatment. If you haven’t been to any of CaSfA’s programs, please give us a try!  
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