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Cancer Survivorship: Sexual Health and the Pelvic Floor

CaSfA members learned a lot of useful information at "Cancer Survivorship: Sexual Health and the Pelvic Floor", a presentation by Stacey Berger, PT. Stacey specializes in women’s health, men’s health, pelvic pain, pelvic floor rehabilitation, continence control, and musculoskeletal conditions.  She is STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) Certified in Oncology Rehab.

Here are some take home pelvic health tips:
  • Drink plenty of water for healthy bladder and improved bowel function

Skin Care After Cancer

CaSfA members were fortunate to have Holly Brown of Looking and Feeling FAB, Inc.( for a presentation, “Skin Care After the Diagnosis of Cancer”.  This non-profit organization offers those with cancer and other serious illnessesFREE skin care products, treatments and educationat multiple locations in Massachusetts (including Westborough!!).  We learned how our skin changes with cancer and what we can do to preserve and protect our skin.  We even received gift bags with sample products!

Music Therapy

We were so fortunate to have cancer survivor and CaSfA member, Kathleen M. Howland, Ph.D., present CaSfA’s first evening presentation, “Music Therapy:  A Powerful Support for Cancer Treatment and Beyond". Dr. Howland is a true expert in the field of music therapy.  She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in music therapy, neuroscience and positive psychology at Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory. She is a certified music therapist and a licensed speech pathologist.

Looking and Feeling Fab, Inc.

CaSfA recently hosted a great presentation, Skin Care After the Diagnosis of Cancer. Oncology Aestheticians, Holly Brown and Laura Lincoln introduced us to the non-profit Looking and Feeling Fab, Inc.  (  This non-profit organization offers those with cancer and other serious illnesses FREE skin care products, treatments and education. We learned how surgery, chemo and radiation have changed our skin, why regular spa treatments may cause harm, and what products are free of harsh chemicals.


Cancer survivors are especially susceptible to lymphedema.  Lymphedema is swelling of a part or parts of the body caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid. It occurs if the lymphatic system is damaged or not functioning properly. While the limbs are typically involved, the face, neck, groin and abdomen may also be affected. Many develop the disorder following cancer therapy (particularlybreast cancerwhere the lymph nodes are removed), but radiation, recurrent infections, injuries or surgery can also damage lymphatics.

Polarity Therapy Presentation

Notes from September Third’s Polarity Therapy Presentation:Christiana Kueting was a Registered Nurse in Germany where she was born.  She began to realize there was much more to healing and maintaining health than traditional medicine.  When she moved to the US she began learning about polarity and knew it was right for her. Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981) is the father of polarity.  He was an osteopath, naturopath, and chiropractic doctor.  He wanted to know how to heal better, so he traveled the world, studying ancient medicine practices and developed a natural health practice based on energy.

Zumba class

Many thanks go to Fred Fiorello, GM;  Loren Land, Fitness Service Manager; and Kathy Hendrix, Zumba instructor--all of Boston Sports Club, Westborough.  Last night we had an extraordinary Zumba class!!  Great exercise and loads of fun!!
We burned so many calories that we topped off the night with a walk to DQ and a treat.  For all those who missed it we will hopefully do it again!  So thank you Fred, Loren and Kathy for a fantastic evening!!

Myofascial Release Therapy

Last night Jennifer Goyette gave CaSfA members a presentation on “Myofascial Release Therapy”. It was outstanding!  

For those of you who do not know Jennifer, she is the Director of Oncology Rehab at South County Physical Therapy.  She holds a Master of Physical Therapy, is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and is STAR (Survivor Training and Rehab) Certified.  She is an amazing young woman who is totally committed to improving the lives of cancer patients.  She will work with you, cry with you, and fight
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