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Colon Cancer Screening

Tonight I will be attending a wake for a woman who was taken much too soon due to Stage IV Colon Cancer.  Please heed the advice of the American Cancer Society for screening:
Research has shown that the risk of colorectal cancer has been increasing in younger adults.  This finding spurred the American Cancer Society to update their screening guidelines for colorectal cancer:

Coffee and Colon Cancer

Coffee addicts rejoice!! A number of reports in recent years have suggested coffee consumption may offer some protection against various types of cancer, including postmenopausal breast cancer, melanoma, liver cancer, advanced prostate cancer and colon cancer. A recent study looking at coffee consumption in colon cancer patients provides more evidence of this effect.  From:
Observational studies have demonstrated increased colon cancer recurrence in states of relatively high blood insulin, including sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and increased dietary glycemic load.

UMASS 2015 Colorectal Cancer Symposium

I recently attended the 2015 Colorectal Cancer Symposium at UMassMemorial Medical Center.  Take away message is colonoscopy is so important.  Everyone should have a screening colonoscopy at age 50, or earlier if you have risk factors for colorectal cancer.

Colonoscopy is one of the only cancer screening tests that also allows for treatment.  Precancerous lesions and small tumors can be removed easily with colonoscopy.

Goal is to find the cancer early!  The 5-year survival in US for colon cancer:
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