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Super foods

I was talking with a friend recently about "super foods".  The Center for Science in the Public Interest puts out an annual calendar of super foods.  Here is their list for 2014:
1.     Carrots:  Contain good amount of lutein, Vitamin K and fiber.  Great source of          beta-carotene.
2.     Kale:  also spinach and collards are great sources of Vitamin K-helps blood clot. (Note:  will interfere with blood thinner Coumadin-check with your doctor if taking).

Eating Mindfully

A few of us attended a lecture on mindful eating at Dana Farber/Brigham's Cancer Center at Milford Hospital last week.  Here are some of the suggestions Julie Francis, RD, LDN provided:
1.  Don’t eat because you are bored, anxious, angry, sad, etc.  Instead try calling a friend, going for a walk, taking a bath, working on a puzzle, reading a book, or going to bed early. 
2.  Don’t eat directly from the bag/box/carton—this is a guaranteed overeating session! 
3.  Don’t eat while doing something else (such as watching TV/reading).

New Cookbook for Cancer Patients

Doctors at the Lahey Clinic have published a new cookbook,Cooking Through Cancer:  100+Recipes for Treatment and Recovery, for patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or dealing with cancer-related symptoms.  The group of Lahey oncologists got together and noted the common symptoms patients experience through their treatments. Along with nutritionists, they developed recipes that would be pleasing to friends and family, yet still address the major complaints of cancer patients.  Recipes include fruit smoothies for patients with mouth sores, banana-flaxseed wraps for patients with constipation, cinnamon coffee cake for patients with diarrhea, African peanut stew for patients experiencing weight loss, soba noodle salad for those with weight gain issues, vegetable lasagna for patients with neutropenia (low white blood cell count) and lemon dill orzo with chicken for patients with nausea.
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